PLU Codes

PLU codes are used primarily in retail grocery stores or supermarkets, where they are keyed into point of sale systems by cashiers or by customers at self checkout machines when the produce is being weighed or counted. The codes may be printed on small stickers, tags, or bands that are affixed to produce, or may be printed on signs. Since 2006, stickers with PLU codes may also have a GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional barcode
3000FruitsApples, freshAlkmene
3001FruitsApples, freshAurora/southern Rose
3002FruitsApples, freshCantared
3003FruitsApples, freshD'estivale
3004FruitsApples, freshDiscovery
3005FruitsApples, freshGolden Delicious Blush
3006FruitsApples, freshIngrid Marie
3007FruitsApples, freshLochbuie
3008FruitsApples, freshRubinette
3009FruitsApples, freshRusset
3010FruitsApples, freshCripps Red
3011FruitsApples, freshWorcester
3012FruitsPears, freshAbate Fetel
3013FruitsPears, freshBeurre Hardy
3014FruitsPears, freshBon Rouge
3015FruitsPears, freshClara Friis
3016FruitsPears, freshConcorde
3017FruitsPears, freshConference
3018FruitsPears, freshDurondeau
3019FruitsPears, freshFlamingo
3020FruitsPears, freshGeneral Leclerc
3021FruitsPears, freshGuyot
3022FruitsPears, freshJosephine
3023FruitsPears, freshPasse Crassane
3024FruitsPears, freshRocha

Numbering conventions

Non-organic produce is randomly assigned four-digit PLU codes in the 3000 and 4000 series. Organic produce may be designated by prefixing the four-digit, non-organic PLU with a "9". For example, non-organic bananas are 4011, while organic bananas are 9401.

Retailer-assigned codes

Some PLU code ranges are reserved for retailers. This allows codes to be defined by individual retailers or location, and allows the use of PLU codes in lieu of barcodes. There are retailer-assigned ranges for general and category-specific use. For example, 3170–3269 can be assigned by retailers to any goods, while 4193–4217 can only be assigned to apples.
Suppliers may coordinate with their retailers to use the same code in the retailer-assigned range for a specific product.